Billion Dollar Boss Builder is a workbook  created by a girl boss to teach other girl bosses how to build a course online and sell that course online, no matter what industry they're in. The girl boss behind the workbook is 26-year-old Naiah Thorne aka The Brand Barbie and she started her own virtual course business. She now has a team of over 800 students and makes over $5k+ per class from her virtual course business. This workbook + bonus course REPLAY (3hours long) of barbie walking you through the entire process from her live teaching of this class last year. 


Professor B will walk you through the entire process on how to set up your digital class. From landing page to class descriptions, Barbie will guide you on how to automate the entire process.


Deciding what to teach is easy but knowing how much is too much or too little is the hard part. No worries professor B will provide you with all the Do's and Don'ts when it comes to teaching a virtual course.


Did someone say "sold out"? Yes Professor B will be dropping the gems and giving you the blueprint on how she consistently sell out of her courses!

Professor B: Billion Dollar Boss Builder Workbook w/Replay

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