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The Digital Society Presents: Lockerroom Lockdown is a 3-day virtual event set to transform YOUR business as we enter the 4th quarter. It’s like reaching the playoffs of your business in less than 3 days. We're putting the ball in your court and the choice is yours - you can go for 2, or you can just bench it for this quarter. The choice is yours, but don't delay - benching this opportunity will lock that bad decision into place until next year!  Enjoy three days of exclusive content presented by the experts with no registration or travel required. We’re teaming up to take your business to the ball-breaker level. The last event sold out, so get in early before you end up sitting on the bench!


  • This is a virtual LIVE CLASS. Class will be held October 11 - 13th 2021 @ 6pm est. Class replay will be available for 7 DAYS ONLY. 


Day 1 - Play by play with The Brand Barbie who will give you her business blueprint to dominating social media just in time for black friday.


Day 2 - Huddle up and go over Handi hacks on maintaining a millionaire mindset and keeping a starplayer attitude as an entrepreneur with Handi Ambi.


Day 3 - Wrap up the lockdown with Kreated by Kuri as we create vision boards and set our goals for the new year.


  • This is a virtual LIVE WEBINAR. Class will be held October 11-13 @ 6pm est. Class replay will be available for 7 DAYS ONLY. 



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