Sometimes you just need a quickie. Get Your custom one page website. This sale ends 5/31 AT 7PM EST. This product will be removed completely from Barbie's website.


Website Includes:


30 min Pre-Design Consultation

E-commerce Shop Set Up (5 products)

Custom Imagery & Banners Unique Fonts & Typography

Social media integration

Contact Form

Subscription Box

Payment Merchant Set-Up

Shipping Set-Up

Website Animations

20 minute How To Tutorial


Complimentary Consultation

(1) 30 minute session where we discuss your project to determine if we will accept or decline proposed website design.

Content Evaluation

- All content will be optimized for mobile viewing - Designer will input phrases and tagline throughout website that align with client's brand

Mini Training Session for Website


turnaround time - 2 weeks  





$750.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price